Tuesday, April 03, 2007

7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management

7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management - “Your direct perception of higher truth sets you free” is what Tom Russell points out with his 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management. Discovering how to make use of daily life experiences to shake awake the natural wisdom that lies within, will help an individual to break free from the daily stress of life.

Stress is astonishingly unrelenting, sometimes it’s even seductive –one gets used to the feeling of being tense and tight. Although positive thinking have its “piece of say”, unless it’s supported by practical wisdom, it will be inclined to get overpowered and weaken away. Here are the 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management for a better and proven stress handling approach:

“Control your Reaction with these 7simple words”
This first step of the 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management involves remaining watchful when people attempt to put you down with anxious attitudes and comments. Replying with seven simple words “I have nothing to say to that” cuts off any infectious effect of a stressful assault.

These simple words obstructs the tendency of accepting and imitating depressing words, and not falling down to the point of nervous remarks, but instead let’s you remain higher than it. Remember, negative people will want you to be involved in their defeat, saying simply “I have nothing to say to that” stops them from luring you in to be their victims –“a silent refusal to enter the battlefield is a perfect reply”.

“Let go of painful grudges by living in the present moment”
Hate is similar to poison that eats one up inside and kills any possibility of renewal. One must give others the equal chance to change or it’s like shutting one’s own development. The clandestine to stress-free success is realizing one’s own newness many times every day.

“Observe negative thoughts with the aim of understanding them, instead of trying to suppress them”
Self-observation plays a major role in stress-free living; don’t claim stressful feelings and thoughts, instead understand them.

“Pause often and enjoy a deep breath”
Breathing away the tension helps remove habitual resentful and anxious attitudes, and restores a clear mind to reveal what’s good for you.

“Realize you have far better things to think about”
Negative images in the mind often claim one’s energy; snapping out of these spells can lessen stress and provide a new vitality.

“Stay clear of negative zones of influence”
Widespread negative influences are always on the loose; staying clear of these stressful zones and living in peace with the heart will create a better stress-free environment for you.

“Refuse to make stressful or angry comments”
This last step in the 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management involves keeping in mind that stress starts small, and if indulged in becomes bigger and bigger –stop it at its infancy. The best place to get rid of stress is “before it leaves the mouth”.

These 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management is a very good way to follow to help melt stress in one’s life. Being aware of one’s innate ability for wisdom and doing things according to this rightful wisdom will ensure happiness and eliminate stress.

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