Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Registry Cleaner

The purpose of the My Registry Cleaner program is to correct registry errors and increase computer speed.

Pros: If you are an Internet marketer, there’s no doubt that you travel around the Internet all day every day conducting your business. You download tools and programs that promise to make life easier; some of them you keep, and some of them you don’t. The fact is that every time you download anything whether you keep it or not, there are traces that remain — and each one makes your computer slower and slower and slower.

My Registry Cleaner will bring your computer back to life. It will remove all of the items that can cause crashes, slow speed, freezing, and have a negative impact on the health of your computer. An Internet marketer makes his or her living with the computer, and My Registry Cleaner is the perfect tool for for improving a computer’s speed and reliability.

Cons: Usually I’m complaining about the lack of a guarantee, but in the case of the My Registry Cleaner I can live with no guarantee because there is a free trial offered. Actually, I think My Registry Cleaner is a very good product.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered but there is a free trial. A free trial should offer the customer the opportunity to find out if he wants a program before he pays for it. I don’t have a problem with no guarantee if there is a free trial.

Value for money: My Registry Cleaner appears to deliver what it promises to deliver and the price is certainly fair. It’s a good value.