Friday, May 18, 2007

Citizen Watches: A Retentive Product Resting on its Laurels?

Citizen Watches: A Retentive Product Resting on its Laurels? - A Japanese global corporate group (headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan), Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. was originally known as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute as it was founded in 1918. The change of name came from a popular pocket watch type released in 1924.

The pocket watch model was called Citizen, thus the trade name (the name change eventually happened in 1930). Currently, Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. is the well known manufacturer of Citizen Watches as well as CINCOM precision lathe machine tools.

Wherever you are in the world, you’re bound to know about Citizen watches. Over the years Citizen has become a household name for watches, giving it the edge over other watch brands. But for some time though, since its inception, Citizen watches have somewhat been labeled as “retentive products”. All this changed in 1995 when Citizen came out with the revolutionary Eco-Drive Collection. The world of Citizen watches went far beyond it ever had thought.

Eco-Drive Collection Citizen watches come light-powered (solar power). This particular Citizen watch harnesses the sun’s power (or any light source, for that matter), converting it for its successful operation. It still maintains a reserve power source (180-day automatic quartz power source) so the watch could run even in the dark. Hidden under the face of the watch are solar receptors from which the watch harnesses its power. A classy blue color scheme could be met when talking of the Eco-Drive Collection.

As Citizen watches have proven durability, the Eco-Drive Collection is no different from its predecessors (or peers). Water resistant and water depth (with certain limitations) resistant, the Eco-Drive could last a lifetime without having to change its batteries.

Of course Citizen watches aren’t just limited to the Eco-Drive Collection. The same technology running behind the Eco-Drive Collection of Citizen watches can be found in other product lines.

Citizen watches’ Calibre Collection include chronograph watches, as well as light powered watches and moon phase watches. Oftentimes these truly give one something to sparkle at.

Citizen’s Diving Watches have somewhat become a standard in watches of this type. Highly regarded all over the world, Citizen’s Diving Watches truly are just what their namesake makes them.

For those occasions requiring the look of elegance and style, Citizen’s Corso Watches are around to play (and marvelously play) the part. And these don’t exactly cost an arm and leg.

Given all that, it’d be truly a big understatement to say that Citizen’s now a retentive product/brand. If you believe that it is, you certainly got the wrong Citizen.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Prepaid Legal Membership Program

The purpose of the Prepaid Legal Membership Program is to defray legal costs using information and forms provided by Global Wills.

Pros: With a Prepaid Legal Membership Program at Global you have access to a huge array of legal document forms as well as to legal information that you would pay many thousands of dollars to an attorney to acquire. For those who need to make a will, make a durable power-of-attorney, make a living will, create a revocable trust, administer, probate or settle and estate or protect assets the Prepaid Legal Membership Program at Global Wills can save thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees while giving the peace-of-mind that comes with having a financial house in order.

The annual membership fee of $247 works out to only $0.68 a day. Where could you hire an attorney for 68 cents? The answer to that rhetorical question is nowhere on this planet but with the Prepaid Legal Membership Program at Global Wills you have one at that price…you.

Cons: Prepaying could be a waste of money if no legal services are required.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered but membership can be cancelled.

Value for money: A Prepaid Legal Membership Program is a good value.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Building Millions on Forex

Time is money. And money is important. So how do I make money? Let me show you this:

The "Building Millions on Forex" program by 5EMAS Forex Trading

The purpose of the 5EMAS Forex Trading System is to inform and instruct forex traders how to become a millionaire in only 2 years and starting with only $1,000.

Pros: Adam Burgoyne is the author of the Building Million on Forex - 5EMAS Forex Trading System. *Note: EMAs are Exponential Moving Averages. According to Mr. Burgoyne, "Building Millions on FOREX" covers the basics of the FOREX Market and explains, in detail, how to use this amazing system!”

The course lets you follow, in detail, the author's 5 EMAs FOREX trading system that will allow you to identify both entry and exit points with incredible accuracy. You will see the Money Management techniques that were developed especially for this system and how they will allow to you to earn millions on Forex.
This system has only recently been revealed! Screenshots illustrating actual trades prove this fact as almost all the example trades are recent. Depending upon the exit strategy selected, the system generates monthly returns of between 30% and 55%.

Cons: Is un-guarantee a word? According to the disclaimer posted on the website, “The fundamental concept is that you should NOT rely solely upon the information or opinions you read. Rather, you should use what you read as a starting point for doing independent research on market analysis, and trading methods. Then judge for yourself the merits of the material that has been shared in Building Millions on FOREX.”

Guarantee: The guarantee posted on the website reads in part, “If, after taking your time to study, digest and at least paper trade the amazing 5 EMAs FOREX SYSTEM™, you do not increase your ratio of winning trades, improve your market timing and make double the cost of this system in extra profits within the 8 week trial period, simply provide copies of your trading records (live or demo account) covering a minimum of 4 active weeks that prove the system hasn't worked and you may return the full system and bonuses for a full and courteous refund of every penny you paid to purchase the course.”

Value for money: The 5EMAS Forex Trading System appears to be a good value.

Price: $97.00

Consumer: Forex Traders

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mens Clive Workaholic Backpack from Bags

Mens Clive Workaholic Backpack from Bags - Consumer: Men who are working even when they are not supposed to be working.

The purpose of the Men's Clive Workaholic Backpack is to provide an easy way to carry all of the necessary work equipment (i.e. computer, cell phone, pencils, pens, PDA, paper, etc.) securely and safely.

Pros: The Men's Clive Workaholic Backpack is a really terrific product! It has an inside 17” sleeve to hold a laptop computer, multiple outside organizer pockets, and a divided main compartment. A guy can pack for a fishing trip and take his work with him if he is a true workaholic.

The padded adjustable shoulder straps makes it very comfortable to carry and the padded back and lumbar pad makes it easy on the back, as well.

Cons: There are no cons associated with the Men's Clive Workaholic Backpack. It is an excellent product that delivers what is promised.

Guarantee: Bags Buy offers a 100% guarantee of satisfaction for merchandise purchased on the Bags Buy website. In part their statement of guarantee and return reads, “If you are not happy with your order, we are happy to accept a return or an exchange at no cost to you.” Shipping for returns is paid by Bags Buy and additionally there is a 110% guarantee of the best price. If a better price for an identical item is found on the Internet, Bags Buy will return the 110% of the sale price.

Value for money: The Men's Clive Workaholic Backpack is an excellent value...sturdy, compact and convenient.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Save Time with the MONSTER CABLE RED MBLLCUNMED Grab-N-Go Executive Cell Phone Holster With Bonus Car Mount

The purpose of the MONSTER CABLE RED MBLLCUNMED Grab-N-Go Executive Cell Phone Holster With Bonus Car Mount is to provide a stylish and functional carrying case for cell phones.

Pros: Cell phones are one of the necessities of life in our modern day world. We couldn’t function efficiently or effectively without them. We need them with us at all times and we need them to be easily accessible. The MONSTER CABLE RED MBLLCUNMED Grab-N-Go Executive Cell Phone Holster With Bonus Car Mount solves the accessibility problem very effectively and it does it in style.

The MONSTER CABLE RED MBLLCUNMED Grab-N-Go Executive Cell Phone Holster With Bonus Car Mount is a heavy duty expandable cell phone holster. The belt clip rotates 360 degrees giving it greater flexibility and it eliminates the added bulk of other cell phone cases when it is in use.

The thermoplastic shell helps protect phone and the self-adhesive car mount will attach to any smooth surface. This helps to keep the phone easily accessible and in place.

Cons: It may take some getting used to the expandable holster, and this is definitely designed to be worn with slacks or jeans.

Guarantee: The Shoppers Choice guarantee reads in part: "Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any product within 90 days from date of shipment for a full refund of the purchase price (this does not include your original shipping fees)."

Value for money: MONSTER CABLE RED MBLLCUNMED Grab-N-Go Executive Cell Phone Holster With Bonus Car Mount is an excellent value