Sunday, May 13, 2007

Prepaid Legal Membership Program

The purpose of the Prepaid Legal Membership Program is to defray legal costs using information and forms provided by Global Wills.

Pros: With a Prepaid Legal Membership Program at Global you have access to a huge array of legal document forms as well as to legal information that you would pay many thousands of dollars to an attorney to acquire. For those who need to make a will, make a durable power-of-attorney, make a living will, create a revocable trust, administer, probate or settle and estate or protect assets the Prepaid Legal Membership Program at Global Wills can save thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees while giving the peace-of-mind that comes with having a financial house in order.

The annual membership fee of $247 works out to only $0.68 a day. Where could you hire an attorney for 68 cents? The answer to that rhetorical question is nowhere on this planet but with the Prepaid Legal Membership Program at Global Wills you have one at that price…you.

Cons: Prepaying could be a waste of money if no legal services are required.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered but membership can be cancelled.

Value for money: A Prepaid Legal Membership Program is a good value.

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Sean said... offers services such as Will creation (a must have for somone with property or a family), power of attornet documents and also asset protection. These are services that we will all require. Products such as Will Kits do not simply go out of date, so the program will provide value for money as long as you use the products!
Sean (attorney) N.Y

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