Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stress Management Advice

Not until recently, there has been a growing interest in stress research when it was proven that stress are precursors to just any kind of diseases. And this has led to the development of several stress management advice and strategies.

Why is there so much fuss over stress and its management? Researches on stress had shown that stress is a chief reason for many illnesses and disease. It doesn’t cause directly these illnesses and disease but the way it promotes general ill feeling is one major contributor.

Not all stress management advice and strategies are effective by the way, but most are fairly effective in helping people cope up during this stress period.

Here are some of the highly effective stress management advice and strategies. You’d be surprised how routine some of them are.

Feeling Your Emotions
Stress is literally a nervous system response of the body. If you have read and made research about stress, you’d know that stress is one describe as the “fight or flight” response of the body. In itself it isn’t harmful, but these unused energies over time can create a physical degradation of the body. So if you’re happy, laugh it at. Dance and skip. That’s one way in releasing that energy. If you’re angry, then be angry. Do not bottle emotions up.

Exercise is the best way in channeling energy. If you’re angry, go to a gym and practice your punches. Your body, when you’re angry, gets primed up for a fight. One way of releasing emotions is doing motorized self defense of the body. That is boxing.

Control Your Anger
Did I just say “feel your emotions”? Negative emotions, like anger, should not be easily entertained though. That’s why establishing a strong patient attitude gets you stressed less. If your can control your anger, there’s no way the “fight or flight” response of the body can take place.

Time Management = Stress Management
One of the timeless stress management advices is time management. Yes this is another side of stress, what we call business stress. And this kind of stress is more often than not caused by time, or its lack. Effective time management always equate to effective stress management.

Live Your Life Happy
General feeling of well being is of utmost important. And this is purely psychological. So treat it that way and be very happy. Take time to ask yourself: What can I do now to be happy? If your psyche tells you to watch a movie with a friend, then by all means arrange it on the next Friday night.

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