Friday, November 16, 2007

What is Achievement Motivation?

In general, motivation is defined as a force that generates energy to drive a person to do or accomplish something. There are three aspects of motivation and they are the following:

· Stimulation of behavior (what triggers a person)
· Course of behavior (what directs the person towards a goal)
· Determination of behavior (how behavior is being continued)

According to behavioral experts and scientists, there are different types of motivation, one of which is achievement motivation. Achievement motivation is something that causes a person to make an effort to become successful and be goal oriented. Obviously, it is what people need to achieve a “good life”.

Staying motivated keeps a person active and gives a feeling of being in control. People who are motivated by achievement often set fairly difficult but realistic targets, which ensure that they achieve their goals. Achievement-motivated persons typically do not set goals that are that too easy because they look forward to challenges and overcoming them. Nor do they aim for goals that are too difficult because they want to make sure that they only perform tasks that they can honestly handle.

In addition, achievement motivation also makes people work on a specific problem rather than just wait for results. This is a very positive way to handle difficult situations especially in reaching your goals. Furthermore, achievement motivated persons are a lot more interested in their actual accomplishments rather than whatever incentive they get from their success. To them, the accomplishment itself is the reward.

It is seen in general that people who are achievement motivated have a significantly higher chances of progressing in their work compared to other people. Behavioral experts have developed courses and programs that are designed to help people become achievement motivated. Most of these training programs involve seven steps, which are the following:

Step One: Educate people what achievement motivation is all about.
Step Two: Help participants realize their individual goals in life.
Step Three: Help participants to associate achievement-related activities in real life (activities like role-plays are done).
Step Four: Practice achievement-related activities in business and in games.
Step Five: Encourage participants to relate an achievement motivation behavior model with their own goals and attitude towards their targets.
Step Six: Encourage participants to come up with a personal action plan on how to achieve success.
Step Seven: Provide participants feedbacks on how they progressed towards accomplishing their personal goals and objectives.

Achievement motivation can help people accomplish their goals in their lives whether at work or in their personal life and this is the reason why a lot of companies train their employees on it. Needless to say, people who are highly-motivated to achieve are those that become significant contributors to an organization’s success.


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Much of my success in manufacturing leadership is due to motivated people. I found that they are clear with their goals and what they need to do to attain it.

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Very Good post on Motivations.

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