Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stress Management Workshops for Teachers

It has been said many times, and perhaps all would agree, that teaching is the noblest profession of all. Teachers have been given the challenging responsibility to educate and mold young minds to become a worthy citizen of any country. Teaching is truly a profession that calls for passion and the will to serve but never without a stress.

With all the challenges that teachers have to go through everyday, it is no wonder then that they too are prone to burnouts and persistent absenteeism in the workplace. Hence the ability of teachers to impart knowledge and become efficient and effective in their profession is affected to the detriment of their students’ welfare.

In order to maximize their potential, teachers should minimize the tolls of stress that are overtaking them. Hence it is just but appropriate for them to attend stress management workshops for teachers. Total Management Behavior, a subsidiary company of Phillips Associate is offering stress management workshops for teachers. It is dedicated to help people in the teaching profession to cope with stress.

The stress management workshops for teachers are aimed at identifying the different sources of stress that emphasize on how they affect the individual; the type of personality that an individual has which has a bearing on how each personality type can address certain kind of stress; and familiarizing with the proven relaxation techniques that can be helpful in the workplace.

In every session of the stress management workshops for teachers, participants will first get to know each other before they will proceed to the other activities prepared for them. In order to help the participants identify their own sources of stress they are given ample time to reflect and chart their own stress matrix. Pinpointing the participants’ different defense mechanism to stress will follow it. Some of the stress could be physical or health-related, mental, work, or relational.

Participants are provided an opportunity to strike a balance in their chosen careers. In this case the teacher participants will be taught how to exert assertiveness and proactivity in the workplace or in cases where stress is about to set in.

Laughter is still the one of the best medicines, no doubt. Part of the workshop is shedding light on the importance of humor in addressing stress and how to harness the much-needed energy to replenish the lost one. Moreover, other important coping mechanisms are highlighted. These coping mechanisms are leisure, nutrition, and exercise. Each of these mechanisms has a very important role to play in minimizing the ill effects of stress to teachers. At the end of the workshop teachers are made to make their own action plan based on the lessons that they learned from all the activities.

The workshop will hopefully help teachers cope with stress before it eats them alive. At the very least affecting their performance in the workplace.

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