Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ways To Keep Your Vision Sharp

The question is, how To Keep Your Vision Sharp!

In a world where people are concerned with major health scares like diabetes, cardiac problems, anemia, and the like, it's all easy for us to forget the simple but important things. Keeping your senses fully functional makes a great difference in your life. Losing even one sense can have a tremendous impact on your latter years if you ignore it in lieu of the "bigger" health threats.

In line with this, you can do three things that can help you keep your eyesight sharp. These three tips are simple enough to follow and will help you keep your vision from deteriorating. These tips will help improve your current visual acuity as well.

1) Eye Health Maintenance
There are two major things to consider when you want to keep your eyeballs healthy. First, you have to maintain a proper diet. Vegetables, especially carrots and squashes, are very good for maintaining your eyesight. Taking Vitamin A supplements also helps the eyes.

Next, try to avoid excessive eyestrain. If you like to read books, for example, don't read while riding a moving vehicle or stare too long at a TV or computer monitor. If you're a movie buff, couch potato, video game jockey, or work with computers for long periods, remember to rest your eyes every hour or so.

2) Medical Stuff
There are two things you can do to maintain your eyesight and these involve working with an optometrist. The first is pretty simple. Have regular eye check ups every six months with an optometrist. This is about the same frequency that you do for regular cardio-vascular and dental checkups. So, it's a good idea to add your eye doctors to the bi-annual agenda.

Secondly, there are medicines that help ease eyestrain. These usually come in the form of eye drops. While most people think that eye drops are simply meant to clean out eyeballs, these drops actually help soothe tired eyes and also act as moisturizers to keep the eyeballs from drying up. Allowing your eyeballs to dry up is actually one of the fastest ways that can lead to the deterioration of vision.

3) Eye Exercises
Lastly, try out a few eye exercises. Like muscles or any other part in the body, eyeballs actually get stronger when used and exercised properly. One common but very effective eye exercise is to randomly pick out a leaf on a tree and then to focus your gaze exclusively on that leaf, try to tune out all the surrounding leaves. This exercise helps focus the retina and makes you see things with greater clarity.

A second eye exercise is speed-reading. Read a short paragraph written anywhere. Start by reading at your normal pace. Then try to re-read the same passage but pick up the speed at which you go, until you can literally skim over the entire paragraph yet still absorb it's contents. This increases the "reflexes" of your eyes. This also increases the rate at which your eyes send and receive signals from your brain.
There you go, these are three simple to follow. Do these and keep your vision from deteriorating.

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