Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How to Make Your Time Golden

Time is gold

This simple ageless adage is true today as the first day it came to existence. But what do time and gold have in common?

Both time and gold have a factor common to each other. They sport the number twenty-four - hours for time, carats for gold.

Time wisely spent in pursuit of your aim will lead you to succeed in life. Time is intangible yet valuable. When lost, there is no way it can be retrieved. The only way to ensure time passes you by with utmost value is through self-discipline.

Self-discipline is avoiding time wastage. When you kill time, you are also killing your chances to a fruitful life. Maximizing time usage is important. Make every moment of your day golden by following these techniques:

1. Be your own architect in life. Write down your plans on a blueprint. Design it the way you want it to be. Keep your efforts focused on time efficiency and self-discipline.

Acquire the knowledge you need to materialize your plan. Adjust your habits and behavior pattern whenever necessary. Be willing to revise your plan to keep up with developments around you. Refer to your plan more often than enough. Soon, you will see the foundation of your goal in place. At about this time, the development of your goal has taken a gigantic leap, the kind of head start you need to set your goal on the right course.

2. Start each day with a six-pack. Sorry, it’s not beer. This six-pack consists of goal-oriented, time saving questions that will guide you through the day.

Ask yourself:
• What is the best thing to do today?
• How can I maximize my usage of time today?
• Will my actions bring me closer to my goal?
• Do I need to change some of my habits to hasten goal attainment? Do I need to make revisions in my plan?
• Am I on schedule?

These six-pack questions must be answered in a manner that will accelerate you towards fulfillment of your aspirations.

3. Seek valuable lessons. Do not wait to be educated. Make an active effort to educate yourself.

Learn from people who have experiences on similar interests as yours. This is one way to save time. This is the way to avoid the same mistakes, by learning from the mistakes of others in the past. Similarly, you get to know the right solutions to handle obstacles that others have encountered before.

Experience is your best teacher. It is also a time saver. Three persons with near similar goals will require the experience of only one and still get three times the value of goal achievement.

4. Hasten self-discipline by eliminating hindrances. There is no denying that each individual has unpleasant but otherwise necessary things waiting to be done.

Start working on them. These may take some time but just the same, get them done. Their presence adds burden to your shoulders. Relieve this burden and you lessen anxiety. This paves the way for you to move on with important tasks geared towards your aspirations.

Truly, the essence of using time in charting your pursuit in life is through self-discipline.

For some, self-discipline might mean being controlled and imposing limitations on oneself. What seems to be is not what it is. Actually, these acts of self-discipline or so-called ‘limiting acts’ are imposed to be part of your habit that will set your potentials into the freedom of success you’ve always longed for. And ultimately, you are the beneficiary.