Friday, June 22, 2007

Diane De Anda Stress Management Curriculum

Among the many experts of issues regarding stress Diane De Anda surely rings a bell. In fact Diane De Anda stress management curriculum is as famous as the author herself. With her extensive experience in the field of stress management, many would go for her to seek for assistance.

Diane de Anda is presently working in the Department of Social Welfare of the UCLA’s School of Public Policy and Social Research. She has worked for 25 years with community organizations that are focusing on population and adult related concerns such as coping with stress, juvenile violence, teenage pregnancy, and other multicultural issues. She has also published several articles fictional stories both children and young adults. Hence, the Diane De Anda Stress Management Curriculum is a program that is a product of immersion from the field and extensive researches.

The stress management curriculum offered by Diane De Anda is geared towards the improvement of mid and high school youths’ ability in reduction the effects of stress and likewise coping with stressful events. This stress management curriculum is useful in classroom setting as well as fit for small group activities.

The stress management curriculum as espoused by De Anda provides scripts for sessions and instructions. It also includes worksheets for self-assessment, visual aids for better discussion, and other motivational activities. Likewise additional materials are also added like the pretest and posttest tools for better understanding and utilization of the curriculum. These tools are appropriate in determining the stress levels, coping skills to manage stress, and the to determine the effectiveness of the proposed coping strategies.

Diane de Anda stress management curriculum has been widely hailed by those who have attended the program. Its positive reviews from participants are keeping more people especially those that are involved in social welfare to join the program. Diane de Anda stress management curriculum is taught in a systematic manner and well executed.

According to some of the participants, the Diane de Anda stress management curriculum provides new insights not just on the relaxation techniques and regulatory proficiency but also among other things, strategies on problem-solving and mindfulness.

A book on stress management by Diane de Anda can also help to those who want to know more on the subject. Readers will also be provided with additional insights on the identification of stress, and familiarizing with the early signs of stress and how the body reacts to certain type of stress.

The connection between the body and the mind is also highlighted, as well as the technique in self-talk. Moreover, strategies on how to calm the mind the body and ways to clear the mind are well discussed.

The Diane de Anda stress management curriculum is really a big help for those who want to know more about stress management. No wonder, in his field, de Anda’s name surely rings a bell.

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Lucy said...

Stress is there in every profession and work but at the time of test it becomes more than usual. But in my personal experience I feel that everyone should need a self motivation and some positive energy to beat stress initially.