Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Controlling Time Management

Does time control you? Or do you control time?


When we have control of our lives and self, we have the ability to manage anything that involves our self.

Of course, no one has entire control over anything, but we all have a degree of control over most things that involve us.

We must remember that all things in life affect us in some sort of way, and when we are strategizing a time management scheme, we need to factor in all details of life. You might think that time management is a quick process, but when you sit down and start your calculations, you will soon learn that the process takes time to complete.

Team effort is great, but if you are in time management alone for yourself, then the road can be rockier. Now you know why man came up with the idea of Stop, Yield and Go lights. Time management has its own stop, go, and yield signs.

In order to start a time management plan you need to calculate and analyze your plan carefully to weed out flaws, evaluating where your time is spent.

Once you start your calculations you will see that time is an equal and subtract strategy.

If it takes you 45 minutes in the morning to get motivated, it is most likely a result of procrastination and lack of preparation. Now, to cut back time you will need to think! Thinking is the process of bringing forth results either negative or positively. Why is it taking me 45 minutes to get dressed in the morning?

Are you searching through your closet trying to find a suit that works for your atmosphere? The solution then is taking a few minutes each night to pick your attire fore the next day, so that when you get up in the morning you only need to dress.

The fact is, any person can get up in the morning, put on make-up, clothes, and even style their hair in less than 45 minutes. Even models, actors, and actresses are limited to how much time they spend on dressing. If you think about it, when women go on stage for a beauty pageant, they are limited in how much time they spend on getting ready for the show.

The producers or directors invested some of their time to make sure that their time management scheme was running smoothly, by controlling what their actors were doing with their time. What are you doing at work?

Are you standing around drinking a cup of coffee chatting online, with a co-worker, or on the phone? If you are, you are not only wasting company time, you are wasting your time. Time management includes you. Unless you don’t have a goal in mind, this is not a controlling method in time management.

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