Sunday, December 04, 2005

Action Plan in Time Management

So this will be my BLOG on Time Management, because everybody these days seem to say "I have NO TIME"... I say "BS"!!

Do you have an action plan in your time management scheme? While writing these words, I had to check myself.

The last thing I want to do is tell the readers how to manage time and be a hypocrite. The writing of these articles is rewarding since I realized that managing your time includes using your intelligence and skills, as well as putting an action plan into play. Action plans are lists of responsibilities that instruct a person "to carry out to achieve an objective."

The list centers on the goals immediately needing achievement on demand. The list or action plan enables you to center your attention on the specific obligations required of you. The marketplace has several software programs that help those of us that have busy schedules and time management is a struggle.

The software’s available provide tools for storing names, addresses and other important information in a secure filing cabinet.

More to come!!

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